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so, here's the full story ...

Florida native, Kiara Corona started her journey ​to create 
swimwear designed for all in February 2019. Kiara, was first inspired by her own wants and needs through the years of only finding the same repetitive styles and prints of swim. She would mix and match until one day she started designing and creating her own line for women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities that fit just right. Coming from the Sunshine state Kiara aspires to influence, empower and encourage like minded women with new creations, styles, looks and originality. Saoirse is here to bring back that confidence not only within yourself but in your every day life, starting with her ideas to her come to life pieces tailored for you.​

p.s , 

"I am truly inspired by everyday people, just like you. I believe it all starts from within. I'm a big believer of self love, respect and appreciation, which is where Saoirse comes from. My entire focus for this brand is not just to create for one body type, size, style or gender but to create something for everyone. I want you and others to embrace your own sexy, your power and feel amazing while doing so in a one or two piece! I know you'll look incredible in your Saoirse Swim and I can't wait for you to embark on this journey with us as we continue to grow! Check us out on instagram, we're only getting started!" and thank you so unbelievably much for giving Saoirse a visit, it really does mean a lot to me.

hugs, k.  

our mission .

Saoirse Swim strives to consistently influence the swim game every year with unique creations, styles and looks, inspired by moments, places and every day people just like you. Each swim design, fabric and pattern choice for every collection tells a story and showcases not only you, but also women-hood and everything beautiful the world has to offer while keeping the Sunshine state of mind at its forefront. Saoirse Swim, is not only people friendly, but eco-friendly with its ethical and sustainable methods. Saoirse is Designed by her, created just for you.

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